about INRO
Initiative Nachhaltige Rohstoffbereitstellung
für die stoffliche Biomassenutzung
Initiative Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials
for the Industrial Use of Biomass


    Renewable resources for material use:

  social und ecological!

The aim of the “Initiative on Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials for the Industrial Use of Biomass” (INRO) is to reach an agreement with the industrial Companies on voluntary certification of renewable resources before primary processing.

Participants of INRO are companies from a variety of sectors, such as chemistry; automobile; packaging; consumer products; raw materials; hydraulic and lubricating oils; lacquers/colours; business organisations and associations; German ministries and subordinate authorities; scientists; environmental and development organisations and German certification systems.

The table of sustainability criteria to be complied with and its explanatory notes and references, agreed by the INRO, are important first steps on the way to sustainable raw material procurement.

For the credibility of the certification, it is essential that it is not set arbitrarily. However, the professional level of the global certification systems is highly diverse. INRO therefore defined “criteria for a good certification system“ in order to hand out advice to companies regarding the selection of their certification systems and, at the same time, to provide certification systems with suggestions for further development.

An additional aim of the INRO initiative is the development of sustainability criteria at both the European and global level that will lead to a credible  certification of renewable resources for material use worldwide.

INRO works in view of the fact that the political goal within the EU and within Germany is set to build a bio-economy that ensures the increasing conversion of the material foundations of economics to be based on renewable resources. Through the shift in raw materials, the European and German economies shall also become less dependent on fossil resources.



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Sustainability criteria


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Criteria for good certifaction systems

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